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Lestie K.
★★★★★ Finally a Real Plumber

Lestie K.
Now I don't usually write reviews but man oh man is there no good plumbers left in this gosh awful state. I tell you what, me and my wife had not one not two but 3 plumbers come to our house to try and fix a simple plumbing repair. I wont bash anybody but if you read this you will know who I am talking about. Tel me if this is not a simple job maybe I am mistaking but I thought for a plumbing service company a kitchen drain assembly should be well routine. So my first mistake is I went with the first plumber I called I should of received a few estimates. So this plumbing service company came out and it was a young guy so of course I was worried right off the get go. No let me tell you all I had is a leak under my sink. on the drain. I was first told an hour he would have it fixed 250 dollars a little high but I understand overhead. Try 8 hours later OMG whats this guy doing , he had my whole sink ripped apart. I could believe it and he wanted to charge me a thousand dollars I said you better be out of your mind. So that was two days of drama back and fourth with that Plumbing Service company. So I call plumbing service number two. So here I am out 250 bux with my sink ripped apart I kicked the other plumbing company out so I made him leave everything ripped apart. He comes in and says 375 dollars and I have a brand new garbage disposal I will throw in to the mix I said ok sounds good I sign my life away for the second time this guys working for a half hour he gets a call and he has to leave for emergency plumbing service call right down the road I say ok. Which I should not of I should of said finish or leave But I am a patience person I guess real patient he came back 4 hours later and whatever I just wanted the job done so I tell him I am going to the store to grab a bite I come back and this guy is gone again with a note on the door I mean this guy has been calling me on my cell this whole time letting me know hes running late etc etc etc AND HE LEAVES ME A NOT YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING GOOD BYE. At his point I have had it. A Friend of mine calls me and told me about All Star Plumbing this guy did a great Bathroom remodel for me. So I cal them up I mean what do I have to lose now, So anyways an hour later there plumber is here and guess what he gives me a price of $250 dollars and( Jon is his name ) Jon says I will be done in no time. I am thinking in my head ya right he will be done , But sure enough not even an hour later he was done and I was telling him the story I just told everybody. All Star got in got out cleaned their mess and the coffee we drank. awesome plumbing company