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Rebecca Woodfork, owner of Clothes Call is a stylist that was trained by her years in the fashion and beauty industry. As a full time hairstylist working on film sets and Broadway shows, Rebecca's inspirations were taken from all that she has experienced. Rebecca started Clothes Call because, friends and co-workers were constantly asking were she shopped. She had to laugh because, a fabulous Target top, matched with a GUCCI bag was starting to make an impression. It blew her mind when she realized that not every woman or man lacked the confidence to listen to their own fashion intuition. Rebecca knew that her clients relied on her trend setting abilities to set the tone for their season. Though she found herself frustrated, when wearing something that may cost more than a-days pay to then have it destroyed by my daily tugs and turns in a hair salon. She began to shop wiser, by finding things that were seasonal, affordable, and fit well. After the encouragement of friends and family Rebecca launched her dream…Clothes Call!

Clothes Call Personal Styling would like to give all of her clients an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to fashion. Given the eye of someone who knows only that there is something for everyone, Clothes Call can help create a look for you. Some clients only need minimal help and others need an overhaul. Rebecca designs what you need based on your personal needs. She puts little to no pressure on anyone who isn’t quite ready to make any major changes, but reminds you that you can wear anything you want with a healthy attitude and believing in yourself.

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Our items come at a very low price and can be afforded by a common person. It is prepared with the freshest ingredients and we focus on to provide the desirable item to a client.