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Lauren F

had a consultation with these people. Gave them a check and a key to do some pet sitting. After they left they gave me a bad feeling. I did some deep digging and found the owner to have prior convictions for grand theft and dealing in stolen property which he served time for. When we called and asked him about it, he denied it. If you look on duval county clerk, it's him. We then cancelled him. He was to return our key and money because he did NOT perform services. The next day he returned someone else's key. We had to have our locks re keyed. The next day he cashed my check. When confronted as to why he did those things he said they only give credits not refunds. Which is stated nowhere in his contract, website, nor verbally. He claims he told us, which he did not. He refuses to give me a refund even though he never did any pet sitting for us. These people are crooks and shady. Do NOT let these people into your home. They are NOT pet sitter international members. Call PSI and ask.