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Global Heat Transfer started humbly on October 16, 1978 as "G&G Radiator" in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The founder of GHT was at the time a heavy duty mechanic with the local Caterpillar dealer. A friend was complaining one day that there were no good radiator repair shops in Fort McMurray. This was peculiar as Fort McMurray was at the time (and still is) a burgeoning center of the Oil & Gas Industry. After reviewing the market potential, the founder decided that it was time to open a radiator repair shop.

However he had a problem in that although he understood radiators from his days as a mechanic, he did not know the first thing about how to a repair a radiator itself. So the first thing he did was to go around and visit the biggest, and most renowned, radiator shops around North America. He paid each of them to teach him what they knew. After a few months of working closely with them, he came back to Fort McMurray armed with the knowledge he had learned and opened the doors to what would become Global Heat Transfer Ltd. today.



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