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Sally G

3. I had severly damaged jewelry from a flood my family experienced. For some reason, my jewelry became discolored and the stones and metals looked damaged, as if they encountered some form of negative chemical reaction. Some of my necklaces and bracelets were broken. After retrieving all of my jewelry, I brought them in to be inspected by a professional at AbbysJewelry, and they explained exactly what they were to do to repair each piece. The end results were fantastic. I am so happy and pleased and grateful that my jewelry was restored. Definite high recommendation value for AbbysJewelry.

Rechel B

My father had an old Rolex watch that needed repair. It is really hard to find a business that is good and competent enough to fix something that is very expensive. I brought the watch to Abby’s Jewelry Repair, and after they did a thorough inspection, they took it in and gave me a few days. When I returned, watch looks really amazing, and I knew that my father will really be happy with it. When I showed him the watch, he smiled and told me it looked like the way he bought it twenty years ago. It made me really happy. So I am really thankful to Abby’s Jewelry Repair.

May T

When my jewelry was handed back to me after it was repaired and cleaned, I told to myself, “Wow, they really did an incredible job.” I was not expecting so much from them, but they just blew me away. When I first entered their shop, they were very welcoming, which made me feel secured. They did a quick inspection and explained the process to me. Then, they immediately started on the job as soon as I agreed with the process and the price. If you are searching for quality jewelry repair services, I highly recommend Abby’s. You will surely love them!

May T

The clasp of my necklace was slowly loosening, so my friend recommended Abby’s Jewelry repair because they have done some repair servicesfor her last month. So I called them to set up an appointment and to see how they can provide solutions to my problems. They have a very welcoming atmosphere,and you would immediately know that their jewelers are very professional. So I showed them my necklace, and they explained to me what they intended to do with the problem. After I agreed, they told when the repair can be achieved. Overall, it was a hassle-free transaction! I will definitely recommend these guys.