Advanced Denture Care and Lab

Image 1 | Advanced Denture Care and Lab What a happy man you are! We love it! Both these ladies are patients, but the gal in green is also my chairside dental/surgical assistant and right-hand lady. You will love her at first meeting! Nothing but genuine care and concern. A nice Narrow Diameter Implant case to stabilize the lower. What an amazing difference a four-tooth partial denture can make! A great 'All-On-Four'/'Teeth-In-A-Day' implant case! We really enjoyed having you in our office for your dental needs! Glad we were a solution! A Top 5 transformation in 38 years of dentures. Wow! You look so natural and happy. Thank you for the sweet gift you made us for our lab! Great fresh look and function! What a difference a flexible partial can make! Keep on smiling! Thank you for letting us help you! What a great transformation of confidence! Way to go! You deserved this. You added beautiful energy to our lives. Your spirit shows through your new smile! This arrangement really fits your face and personality, and it looks completely natural. Fantastic changes with another ERA-retained snap-in overdenture! Really great work by our Crown and Bridge lab on this beautiful cemented bridge! One of our smiling patients post-care. A beautiful before-and-after transformation. We enjoyed restoring your smile and self-esteem! Thank you for letting us be a part of that! You were a fun person to help! Image 22 | Advanced Denture Care and Lab