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Angela M

We spoke to Vic on the phone and gave him the list of what was to be moved. He told us it would be on Sunday at 1pm. So we packed and had everything ready for them by Sunday. Then they called us to let us know they'd be late. They showed up around 4pm, 3 hours late. Vic did not give the two movers the entire list because they showed up, expecting to just move 40-50 boxes. Nothing more. This caused them to complain about having to move more than that the entire time. And when people are complaining, they are moving at a slow pace. My fiance' had to help them move because at the pace they were going, it wouldn't be done in the 4 hours we paid for and we were not going to pay them an additional $99/hour after that. They were not worth this. In order to be done within 4 hours, there were still many items left in the old house that we had to go back and get (7 carloads worth of things).
While they were moving our mattress, we asked if they were going to put them in a bag or something. They replied saying, no because they never do. Of course, as it would happen, they are carrying it down the hall and snag it on a nail, putting a hole in our mattress. After this, we had one expensive TV that we did not allow them to move. We decided to go back and get it ourselves. In the new place, our walls are marked up and scratched. I expected that a little bit ... but I'm not surprised at the amount that there really is.
This was a bad experience for us. Never have we had movers complain about doing their job, never have we had to help them do their job. I am disappointed in this company and hope that they take this review and use it as constructive feedback and strive to make it better so no other customer will experience a move like we did. We are not getting any money back for damages, we are not going to pursue this further, but we will voice our opinion based on the services we received.

Tampa M

All In A Box Movers in Tampa is a full service Moving and Storage. Our professional movers have a minimum of ten years moving experience. We are a state licensed and insured moving company with a history of excellence.