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Fred M

Leslie is such a good worker and a pleasure to be around. We've had her so long she feels like family. Also your staff has treated me real good. Especially Diane! - Fred M.

Review T

So Diane again thank you for coming to my and my mother's rescue. For setting my mom up with caregivers who are putting her needs first and not afraid to do so. For directly billing my mom's insurance company and working with Banker's Life to get paid. Thank you for taking the bulk of the burden of my mother's care off of my shoulders. Thank you for stopping in from time to time just to check on my mom. Thank you for creating a schedule that is compfortable for your caregivers to provide excellent care for my mom and give the caregivers the rest they need to do their jobs. Thank you for realizing the serrious condition of my mom's healh and knowing the right way to take care of her. Thank you for coming through on all the promises you and your company made to me and my mom. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you . . . . Sincerely, Christine