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Christina Q

American School Of Dance And American Dance Training Camp in Squaw Valley, Ca
I really wanted to like this camp and have my daughter attend on an annual basis. Unfortunately, our first experience was so bad that we will never return.  The ADTC website stresses 24/7 supervision and zero tolerance for bullying. That was NOT the case.  My 10 year old daughter was unsupervised at night after curfew and was continually bullied by a roommate. My daughter told me that each night at 10PM their counselor left her and her four 10 year old roommates alone in a hotel room. The lack of supervision enabled  an older camper to run away. My daughter was bullied verbally by a roommate all day which was reported to the counselor and was viewed by the counselor. No action was taken by the counselor or the camp. The bullying escalated to her almost being drowned by the bully because the counselor was not watching the pool as she was lounging in the hot spa. I communicated this experience to the ADTC owner and she informed me that 24/7 supervision doesn't mean handholding. I DO NOT recommend this camp. 

Alfred S

My daughter had so much fun at Lake Forest Academy ADTC camp. She actually asked to go back again this year. Well worth the money. She came back with all kinds of great stories.

George L

American Summer Dance Camp offering dance training camps: jazz and street jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, musical theater, funk and hip-hop dance camp. You have select more then one type of dance according to your choice and trainer will train you in your favorite dance. After joining the camp i love my dance. I feel so proud on my dance

Jenny M

I have taken several dance lessons from ADTC from Swing to Rumba, Salsa to Waltz, I have had a great time. ADTC is patient, knowledgable and very good at teaching. I look forward to the lessons. The Camo is large and light and is located in a great place.

sophiya j

American School Of Dance And American Dance Training Camp in Noe Valley, San Francisco is so warm and welcoming. The owner is very professional, and the instructors are very competent and nice. The students absolutely love this school! So there must be a reason.

Charle J

Best Summer Camp in CA I have 2 kids, and it's nearly impossible to get them to agree on anything, yet ADTC is the one thing they agree on -- they can't wait until summer so they can go again

Mathew W

At the risk of sounding too airy fairy and crunchy Californian, this place is magical. My kids love going there, and I love going there to drop them off and pick them up. Try it!