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5508 37th Ave, Queens, New York, 11377-2425

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(718) 482-7880




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Olga Y

Stay away from ARAMOS UPHOLSTERY and especially its owner Manuel Sumba, his work is terrible and unprofessional. The whole business is a scam! BE CAREFUL and here is why:
Don't be attracted by very cheap prices. You are going to negotiate one price with Manuel, but when it is a time to pick up your order, he will rase his price.
The guy is accepting cash only - never provide with the receipt and he might just say that you never paid. So, ask him for receipt right away or just run away.
Make sure that Manuel is using your material (leather for example), take a picture of it before give it to Manuel. The guy is a scammer. He might going to use your material for his other cash projects and just tell you at the end that your material was not enough, so he had to add some of leftovers etc.
Finally, will not let Manuel go to his basement before you will check you order and will get satisfied with it (doubt it, but maybe). If you will tell him that you are not happy about the results, because he simply did not even use your material or you want your money back, Manuel will probably say that He did his job and he doesn't care and will slam the door in front of your face. You will probably never see Manuel again.
One - man - show scammer, stay away! Do not do any business with him!