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Adam H

I have found a large tree mover for my garden tree which was uprooted in last monsoon. The tree was really big and so heavy. I immediately called Arbor Care Inc for moving this big tree from my garden. They came within an hour and carefully taken a big tree from my garden. I really like their services and staff behavior. So, I always recommend them for any tree services.

Chiristine L

I got an excellent big tree moving services in Illinois. Arbor Care Inc provided me a best tree services which I never got before. They moved a big tree from my garden carefully which was fallen down during the heavy rainfall and also trimmed my garden very well. Their guys did a really hard work for me even in a hot day. I definitely recommend them for tree services.

Barney C

I was worried about my garden when the hurricane Andrew passed from my city. The hurricane messed up my garden and all my big trees were almost uprooted. I called Arbor Care Inc. the big tree moving company for moving all of them and they did a tremendous work for me. I'll definitely recommend them to others.

Alen M

I am living in Illinois and I love trees and gardens. I have a garden in my backyard and I regularly take care of my garden to make it beautiful. For these reasons, I called the Arbore Care Inc, for my garden treatment or tree services. They are the best in tree transplanting and tree moving services in Illinois and gave me advice for my garden. I thank them for their help.

Nigel F

In my front yard we had this really huge tree, quite beneficial to us during the summer. However we had to move it because of its size as it was causing problems to our neighbor. We called the Arbor Care Inc. a big tree movers in Illinois to solve our problem. Thanks for the services.

Alex W

I am really happy to write review about Arbor care when they help us replant our tree. It needed to be moved as we were planning to extent out parking area but didn’t want to destroy or cut the tree completely. I phoned Arbor care on Friday and my work was done by Sunday what a super quick stuff. We got it replanted in our back yard. Would probably us in summer when we have BBQ. Thanx Arbor care!!!

Justin K

We had this huge big tree in our yard which was probably planted by my husband’s grandparents; it was so huge that its roots often used to disrupt the flooring in the out yard. Our neighbors often used to complain about the leaves falling in their area and leaves creating nuisance of cleaning after it rains. I was really fed-up of all these complaints so we had to move this tree. We phones Arbor care Inc and they sorted us out in a couple of days and now I can have peaceful sleep. Excellent service I’ll recommend it to my friends for sure.