Arctic Healing Cryo

Image 1 | Arctic Healing Cryo Whole Body Cryotherapy for pain reduction and faster recovery. Professional athletes use cryotherapy to help them recover faster and train harder. We are open 7 days a week. The owner of Arctic Healing Cryo, Larissa Steinruck, strongly believes in routine cryotherapy sessions for recovery, mood elevation and overall well being. Everyone in good health can do Whole Body Cryotherapy from kids starting at 12 years of age and up to .... We are located in the Galleria, Tanglewood and Memorial area. In the Briarwest shopping center behind Pilgrim cleaners. Larissa, the owner of Arctic Healing Cryo. Cryofacials build collagen as a result your skin looks younger, more radiant, fine line and wrinkles are diminished. Cryoskin is a slimming and toning treatment. A great alternative to liposuction and non surgical face lift. No downtime, no pain, very effective. Our family stays healthy and happy by working out and doing cryotherapy regularly. Compression therapy is good for lymphatic drainage. Cryoskin is a great treatment for cellulite reduction. NovoTHOR is a whole body light therapy device that uses red and near infrared light to reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, weight loss benefits, increased strength, improved mood, prevents aging and faster injury recovery times.