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Back to Work Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing a superior level of patient care that is focused on the individual needs of each patient. The staff at Back to Work Physical Therapy is committed to helping our patients restore and maintain optimal physical performance and quality of life through education, manual therapy, and physical activity. Our experienced staff of Physical Therapists design individualized therapy programs for each patient targeting three main goals: REDUCE Pain RESTORE Motion ENHANCE function and performance Back To Work Physical Therapy offers many tools to help our patient’s reach these goals. These tools include: Modalities including Ultrasound, Heat, Ice, Electrical Stimulation, TENS Manual Therapy including Myofascial/Trigger Point Release, Soft Tissue/Joint Mobilization, Active Assistive Stretching Strength training equipment by Free Motion™ and Cybex™ and Hammer Strength™ MedX™ Spine Strengthening Programs using Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines for Rehabilitation and Testing Physical Therapy Services Orthopedic Physical Therapy Back To Work Physical Therapy offers evaluation and treatment of injuries related to the musculoskeletal system of the body. This includes the neck/back, shoulders, elbows, wrist/hands, hips, knees, ankle/foot, as well as any other problems related to the muscles or bones. Therapeutic Massage Back To Work Physical Therapy employees two licensed Massage Therapists with over 14 years experience. Our therapists are skilled in myofascial/trigger point release as well as soft tissue mobilization. We also do relaxation massages, and even have staff that will travel to your home or office. Ergonomic Evaluation Back To Work Physical Therapy will perform an on-site assessment of office workspaces and job related body mechanics. Our Physical Therapist will then prepare a report identifying the potential injury risk and the suggested changes to minimize these risks. Back To Work Programs The staff at Back to Work Physical Therapy has over 50 years combined experience in treating patients with work related back and neck injuries. Our Physical Therapist will design a program to help you regain your function and return to work as quickly as possible. Sports Participation Screenings Back To Work Physical Therapy provides orthopedic screenings to assess you body’s readiness for athletic activity. Our Physical Therapist and Exercise Physiologist will assess your postural alignment, structural integrity, and muscular strength and make recommendations for exercises that can help prevent injuries in your specific sport. Performance Enhancement The staff at Back To Work Physical Therapy is dedicated to improving your performance in what ever activities are important to you. Our Physical Therapist and Exercise Physiologist can design programs to achieve goals ranging from walking to the mailbox, to competing in professional athletics. Functional Capacity Exams/Pre-employment Screenings Our FCE certified Physical Therapist will evaluate your employee/patient’s physical readiness to begin or return to work.

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