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Lisa F

If you find or suspect that you have Bedbugs, do yourself a huge favor and call John Furman and Boot a Pest...we wish we had found him sooner!!!

We will never know where they came from but we got them...the BBs were in my house. They had made their way to my bedrooms and den. Before finding John and Boot a Pest, I called another company. They came to inspect and insisted that the bugs were only in one bedroom. They said we should hold off on treating the entire house, just concentrate on the one bedroom. Going against my better judgment and instinct, we took their advice. We were told we had to totally tear apart the room, remove every item of clothing, electronics, jewelry, shoe, etc... Upon arrival for treatment, they seemed almost afraid to come in, stating that BB removal was the most dreaded deed they had to do. They treated the room, said they would be back in two weeks for a follow up. The next morning, more bites...they failed (what a waste of money and second chances we were going in another direction).

Time to do some research and ask around. Quite by accident, (God works in mysterious ways) I went online and found John Furman and Boot a Pest. I called the office on a Saturday and spoke with John's wife. She was amazing. We spoke for a while and I told her our story, she was attentive, compassionate and very helpful. She said John would call me that day and within an hour John and I were talking. I told him about the other company coming and where I thought we were infested. He said he would be passing my town the next morning (Sunday morning...what a guy) and could stop by. He told us, he didn't do single rooms, it would have to be the entire house, exactly what I wanted to do in the first place - good omen. He met with my husband on Sunday morning and it was an instant click. My husband called me and said, This is the guy, he is going to help us and he said we didn't have to turn our lives upside down and empty out the house. A few days later John and his assistant, Rob came over. They spent the entire day at my house going through every crack and crevice, to call them thorough would be an understatement. My family slept in our beds that same night all woke up bite free. Three weeks later, John and Rob were back for their follow-up inspection and treatment and gave us the all OK.

It's been 7 weeks since John's follow-up visit (10 weeks total since beginning treatment) and we are very happy with the results. I've only had a few emotional breakdowns since John's last visit (and if you've had BB in your house, you'll know what I am talking about) but then I call John and he is more than willing to listen, talk and answer any questions I have.

Thanks John for your knowledge, honestly, sincerity and all around old fashion customer service...they don't make them like you anymore.

Jack T

I was referred by a friend to Boot a Pest pest control for a rodent problem I had at my home in East Meadow. Not only did they solve the problem where the first local company failed, John, the technician who came to my home was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was on time, respectful, and a true problem solver. I would recommend Boot a pest to anyone looking to get it right the first time.