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BUMAS manufacturesin alittlevillageworkshophand-made and perfectlytailored, easy-to-cleanmuzzlesfromBioThane® to protectdog and keepeveryonesafe. Original BUMASmuzzlesareanimalwelfarecertified.

BUMAS has beenestablished in theAustrian and German marketforoverthreeyears, withover 10,000 dogmuzzlessold. Likecarmanufacturers and otherhigh-endretailersBumasoffers an online configurator to designyourowncaninemuzzle and previewitsappearancebeforeordering. Sincethe muzzleshavebecomeverypopular, BUMAS' nextstepisexpandingits European territory and enteringthe U.S. market.

These custommademuzzlesweredevelopedbyco-founder and force free dogtrainer Verena Lanner. One of their greatfeatures--importantforthedog'shealth and safety--isthatthedogis still able to breathe and pantcomfortably, receivetreats, and drinkwhilewearingthecomfortablemuzzle. At thesame time, this humanemuzzlepreventsthedogfromeatingundesirablefoodorpoison off thestreets. Also, dogownersusethem as a replacementfor The Cone of Shame, forvetvisitsor in otherstressfulsituations.Probablythe best muzzle on themarket.


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