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I dropped off a bunch of shirts to be laundered by CH Cleaners (along with a pair of slacks and a tiny pocket re-stitching for a jacket). One of the shirts was linen and needed to be dry cleaned (per usual). The other 25 were to be laundered, no starch. The total cost on my claim receipt was $96.55.

When I went to pick up the items, they told me the cost was now $148.87. More than $50 than that the receipt said! When I questioned why such a drastic increase to the price, they said I must be using the ticket from last time. Huh? No, I had the correct ticket for the correct order. Next, they said that 12 of the shirts that were to be laundered had to be "hand pressed". This is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard. I have had all of these shirts laundered many times at other dry cleaners with absolutely no special exceptions. Why wouldn't they tell me this when I dropped the items off? This is not right.

This is a clear example of a small business taking advantage of the local community and it's very disappointing. I have read other comments on yelp experiencing this same exact situation so they must pull this extortion tactic on innocent customers frequently.

I was scammed out of $50 from this dishonest, unethical neighborhood business and will never step foot in CH Cleaners again. Buyer beware.