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​Canine Smiles has offered shop or mobile Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) in the Austin area for over 15 years (see Testimonials on our web site) in addition to our grooming services ( We have a SATISFACTION GUARANTEED policy for our AFTC service. AFTC involves training your pet to relax in a calm environment using our step-by-step proprietary behavioral techniques, developed over many years of our experience with grooming and teeth cleaning; so scaling and polishing can be accomplished to remove plaque and tartar build-up (See Cited References on our web site). Humans learn to tolerate this procedure without anesthesia, and most dogs (approximately 95%), because of their learning ability can as well. This service is available for all dogs, however, it is particularly suited for senior dogs as many owners of these dogs eventually halt anesthesia cleaning because of potential risks. Tartar buildup can result in advanced periodontal disease with its subsequent degradation of the dog's overall health. AFTC is not appropriate for dogs who already have severe dental disease present. Your veterinarian must examine your dog first and sign the authorization for AFTC we have made this available for you to print out (Veterinary Authorization Page see web site).

Shop and mobile service are offered within 6 mile radius of Braker & Lamar intersection in Austin,TX. for grooming services for dogs 60 lbs or less and within 12 miles for AFTC.


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