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CBD Boutique - Since 2015 Heka Oral Tinctures: These tinctures take a minimalist approach, two ingredients only. Available in four CBD strengths: 150mg (Pet), 300mg, 750mg and 1700mg and in two oil carriers: Hemp seed oil and MCT Coconut oil Our most potent oral tincture available. PLUS+ 5000 by Heka Hemp Co. is packed with 5000mg of full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp extract. Also great for long lasting use as a single dropper contains 166mg CBD! Hemp seed oil carrier. CBD Heka Hemp Co Pet Tincture 150mg cbd-pet-tincture-300mg-heka-hemp-co-albuquerque-nm Energós by Heka Hemp CO (1000mg CBD Isolate) CBD-isolate-tinctures-abq-ivydiol-1000-mg Heka Hemp Co 1700mg CBD - Oral Tincture CBD-tinctures-abq-ivydiol-1500-mg Heka Hemp Co 750mg CBD - Oral Tincture CBD-tinctures-abq-ivydiol-750-mg CBD Vape Full Spectrum by Heka Hemp Co CBD Vape Isolate by Heka Hemp Co Devour CBD pain salve Devour Ultra Moisturizing CBD Bath Bombs: CBD-Pachamama-Goji-Cacao-750mg–Tincture-ABQ-Albuquerque-NM CBD-Pachamama-Kava-Kava-Valerian-750mg-Tincture-abq-albuquerque CBD-Pachamama-Tincture-Black-Pepper-Turmeric Pachamama-Ylang-Ylang-Holy-Basil-750mg-cbd-Tincture-abq-albuquerque-nm Wana-Wellness-Mixed-Berry-CBD-Gummies-600mg-abq-albuquerque-nm Wana-Wellness-Tropical-Fruit-Broad-CBD-Gummies-600mg-abq-albuquerque-nm cbd-capsules-300mg-heka-hemp-co Stratos-CBD750-Full Spectrum-25mg-Tablets-ABQ-Albuquerque-NM Stratos-CBD750-Isolate-25mg-Tablets-ABQ-Albuquerque-NM Colorado Hemp Honey: This honey is well worth the money. 12oz. Jar contains 1000 mg of CBD extract.