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Getting rid of Nuisance wildlife once it has gotten into your home or attic can be very tricky. You should always call Centurian Exterminators Professional Wildlife Removal to remove the animals from the attic. Raccoons can be very dangerous when confronted in the attic, raccoons normally go into the attic to have their babies, so if you enter the attic you need to be care so that the mother raccoon does not try and attack you. We always start off with Raccoon Trapping in order to catch the raccoon and get the raccoon out of the attic. We will then go into the attic and find the babies and remove them by hand. We are a 100% humane trapping company, all the babies will be kept with the mother when possible and sent to a raccoon rehabilitator. Finally we will close off all of the openings that the raccoon used to get into your home this is called an Exclusion. We will then go into the attic and remove any and all of the raccoon poop and sanitize that attic. Raccoon poop can be very dangerous due to the extensive amount of bacteria and Raccoon Round worm and roundworm eggs that are in it.
We specialize in removing bats from the attic in Melbourne Florida. Getting Bats out of the attic can be a very challenging task that only the wildlife professionals should perform. Bats only need about ¼ in of space in order to gain access to your home and to your attic. We seal up the entire house except the main roost in which the bats are using to enter you attic. We then install a one way bat valve that will allow the bats to leave your attic but it will not allow them to return. Once all the bats are out of your attic we will pull the soffit down and remove all of the bat poop, bat feces, and bat guano to prevent any spread of the bacteria and bat histoplasmosis. If you think you have bats in the attic in Melbourne Fl give me a call right away and I can generally get out there that same day to perform a free inspection.

One of the most common calls I get in Melbourne FL is for Rat Removal, mice and Rodent Control. Rats are a very common pest animal that we deal with in Melbourne FL and the best way to control rats is to set victor rat traps and catch the rodents. We will generally put 9-12 traps in the attic to catch and remove the rodents. Once all the rats have been caught we will close off all the access points on your roof and on the home in order to guarantee that the rats will not come back. Finally we always perform an Anti-Microbial Attic Treatment in order to remove all the bacteria that is associated with a rat infestation in Melbourne FL.

We are Melbourne’s Best Critter Trappers. We have years and years of training and education. We have wildlife biologists, Entomologists, Animal Control Officers, and Handy Men on staff. We have the knowledge and experience to get you taken care of. We warranty and guarantee all of our work!


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