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6157 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38119

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(901) 761-1007


River Oaks/kirby/balmoral


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Bettina R

I highly recommend Chiropractic Memphis. The staff are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of being treated by.

Elda S

Pain relief is their trade. I love Chiropractic Memphis! The staff, the facility and the service.

Phillip M

The staff at Chiropractic Memphis are really dedicated to their task of relieving your aches. I had been served with soothing relief to my headache after I have visited their facility. I loved how they are polite to patients like me and how warm their smiles are. Other than the good service in relieving your pain, the staff at Chiropractic Memphis are also dedicated to earning your trust and give you the happiest service ever.

Diane T

I'm an avid gamer, but I never thought I'd get carpal tunnel. When I did, my mum suggested I go to the nearest chiropractic clinic, and it turned out to be Chiropractic Memphis. They're very good there, and the staff are really nice. They've been helping me take care of my wrists and finger joints, and they even taught me how to keep the thing from getting any worse.

Nick M

My wife would always complain about headaches almost everyday, when I told her to check out and visit my chiropractor in Chiropractic Memphis, her condition improved and we both visit our chiropractor regularly. They really helped a lot!