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Rangoli Plaza, Shop No. F-22, Near Rangoli Gardens, Maharana Pratap Rd, Shree Ram Nagar A, Panchyawala, Near Vaishali Nagar, Intercom NO. :31022,, Jamestown, Rhode Island, 302029

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Jaipur is the so called Pink City of India. It is divided into six sectors. It was founded in 1727 by the ruler of Amber, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. The city has a population of over 5 million people. Most buildings in Jaipur are painted with pink stucco to enhance the beautiful architectural constructions, and attracting more tourists this way.

The restaurants in Jaipur offer exquisite spicy meals and local Punjab-style dishes. It is basic in their food to have onion, garlic and ginger. Most dining establishments serve curries, tandoori chicken, Rajasthani vegetarian meals like Dal Batti, Subji, Mawa Kachori and other delicacies such as dal-bati-choorma (wholemeal balls). Non-traditional cuisines are also available like Italian, Chinese meals and American foods.


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