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"At the crux of every successful business lies effective leadership. A quality management team leads to fiscal growth,

competitive development, and a dynamic corporate environment. Fortunately, top-quality leadership skills can be taught

to any management team that aspires to improve. Crestcom KEYAlliance of Long Island, NY, offers a broad range of

management training and leadership programs that will help your business thrive.

Crestcom KEY Alliance's industry expert, Michelle Rebetti, is a certified member of the world-renowned Crestcom

leadership team. This unique corporate training program helps strengthen businesses in every aspect. In granting the

tools necessary to improve corporate morale, training strategies, and customer service skills, Rebetti helps

management teams flourish. Her specialized program will drive profits, promote productivity, and embolden your

workforce as a whole. With service to an expansive range of fields-from construction and aerospace to health care-

Rebetti and the rest of the trusted Crestcom team have fine-tuned a program that produces significant return


Michelle Rebetti implements Crestcom's Bullet Proof Manager© program, which trains managers and employees alike.

Shehas developed programs for businesses in manufacturing, beauty/fragrance, and health care industries, among others.

Rebetti also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Molloy College and Farmingdale State College. With such

an extensive professional and academic background, Rebetti understands the variety of complex processes that affect a

business. Not only does she know how to raise your profit margin from a market standpoint, but she can alsouse the

immense impact of corporate rhetoric to your company's advantage.

To strengthen your business from the inside out, enlist the expertise of Michelle Rebetti from Crestcom KEY Alliance.

For more information about how management training can help you, call(631) 704-7300 or send an email."



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