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Now part of Glenmount Global Solutions corporate unbrella. Mass hiring has one undesirable consequence - mass layoffs. That's what happened to 30+ employees - including myself - that were hired in 2012. Our jobs were on the chopping block in 2013. All it took was one financial forecast of a break-even year. It was of course easier to get rid of the newer employees. Besides myself, there were at least two other employees I know of in the Austin office that got the ax. Other GGS locations also had layoffs, including the Portage, IN location. All 2012 hires. Not a single long-term employee was laid off. Let this be a warning to anyone that want to join GGS. This company may have excellent benefits: at least 2 weeks vacation (plus floating holidays), bonus pay, being able to work from home. But don't expect to be enjoying them for long. They will tell you what a great job you've been doing. 'Cos that was what they have told me frequently. Then came the surprise. It will be just as unexpected for you as it was for me. If you do decide to join them, plan to stay with them only for the short-term. You'll be better off for it.