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130-37 217th St, Springfield Gardens, New York, 11413

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Delta1 Saddle V LLC is a trusted Manhattan clothing store website. Our Delta1 Saddle Vest is perfect for outdoors – hiking, jogging, canoeing and motorcycling.



Marc m

3. As a mailman in New York City, it is quite a hectic and stressful job. I used to carry my mail on a sling bag, but it was difficult since I had to pull it in and out of my compartment on my bike, because if I wore it while riding, it made my cycling a lot more challenging. And with the New York traffic, I had to have the flexibility to ride with the chaos. So when I bought the Delta1 Saddle V, I was so happy, because it allowed me to do exactly that. To ride and cycle with ease, whilst still being able to wear the bag on my front without any problem. This made my job a lot easier, and I am able to deliver mail a lot faster.