Diamond Rock Countertops Oklahoma

Is this your business?

We are a company that renews homes with the installation of great natural stone countertops. Our goal is to create innovative spaces with high-invoice products at affordable prices. In addition, our experience is guaranteed so that customers have what they need in their kitchen, bathroom or pool ...

Diamond Rock Okc, works hard to meet its quality standards as soon as interior design applies. So it offers its services for different countertop installation needs. This is to Oklahoma residences or commercial sites.

The best natural stones will decorate your site and will look modern, elegant with class. Also, we have among others, matte or polished finishes according to your taste in the colors you are looking for.

We manufacture stones in Granite, Quartz, Marble, Glass...


Ron M

The company Diamond Rock Countertops OK, sent to my house located at 08 SW 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK excellent professionals redesigned my pool and adapted style to my bathroom I am very satisfied with the result obtained, I recommend them 100%.