Divisadero Health Haven

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621 Divisadero St, Acampo, California, 94117

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(415) 351-1267


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There are many reasons I didn't enjoy my visit to this store: The store felt dingy, with ancient-looking shelf liners curling up on the shelves, and dust on the container lids on the lower shelves on the left near the front door. The doorway to the pet food area was incredibly narrow with items around it protruding out into the space so as to make WHEELCHAIR-ACCESS very difficult, if not nearly impossible. The older male employee at the counter (who may have been the owner?) never once asked me if I needed help finding or retrieving anything in his store. But okay, I can generally take care of myself.

But the real kicker for me? This rude so-and-so actually moved his body in between me and the back of his store when I started going back there, informing me that that area of the store was too narrow for a WHEELCHAIR or other mobility device, so I shouldn't go back there. Note, he did NOT offer to help me find anything back there. He didn't just offer a gentle warning and then let me go back there on my own to see if I could in fact maneuver through that area (and I think I'm probably a better judge of whether or not I can than he is, I have a bit more experience in that department than an able-bodied person who doesn't use a mobility-assistance device). He physically placed his body between me and the back of his store in an effort to actually stop me from going back there.
I'll repeat this part, too: Never once did he offer to help me find anything in his store, ask what I was looking for, or otherwise assist me.

In short, to this man, I was a liability, not a customer. And so if I could give him negative stars, I would.. It's humiliating and dehumanizing to be treated in this way.

Since the product I came into this unfriendly business for isn't carried anywhere else locally in San Francisco, in the future, I'll be ordering it from Amazon. I will never give this man a penny of my money. As far as I'm concerned, local businesses with this type of bad customer service can't go out of business too soon!!


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