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Dr. Michael Brown has 42 years experience in treating pet animals including “pocket pets” and some exotics. After graduation from veterinary school he completed a residency at Washington State University. He was the owner and director of an American Animal Hospital Association certified hospital for 36 years prior to moving to San Diego in 2004. His goal is to practice the highest quality medicine with compassion with an emphasis on client education. He hopes to provide personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet and owner Benefits of veterinary house calls: * Personalized attention for both you and your pet * Less interruption of busy schedules in transporting and waiting * Generally less stressful for nervous or timid pets * Pets who do not travel well are more easily diagnosed and treated House call services include: * Sick/Injured pet examinations Pets needing hospitalization referred to local fully equipped hospitals for ongoing care Surgery and Dental procedures performed at fully equipped surgical centers Complete diagnostic testing - blood work, urinalysis, cytology, cultures Immediate results from a “stat” lab may be offered * Well Pet Care and vaccinations with emphasis on preventative medicine Senior Wellness Panels Heartworm testing and prevention Feline leukemia and FIV testing Tick and flea transmitted diseases * X-rays and Ultrasounds performed and read by a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist * Flea and tick preventatives * 'Home Again' microchip identification * Medications and Special Needs Diets * Reversible sedation for minor procedures to reduce anxiety when needed * Compassionate at home euthanasia

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