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Our office is located at 37 East 28th Street between Park Avenue South and Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan. Dr. Wagreich has been in private practice since 1992. Dr. Wagreich combines chiropractic along with rehabilitation and exercise. Therapies are for adults as well as for children. She completed a post graduate program in rehabilitation through the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and has special certification in rehabilitation through the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. Her rehabilitation training allows her to specialize in treating people who need to constantly sit for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting is stressful on the spine and surrounding muscles. Dr. Wagreich will teach you the proper positioning and conditioning of your body so that you will heal more quickly. Then, when you are well, you will maintain the good health that you need for weekends filled with activities and fun. Dr. Wagreich also completed a post graduate program in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics through the Palmer Institute and has obtained diplomate status in chiropractic pediatrics. This is the highest status in pediatrics within the chiropractic profession. Her training encompassed working with women during pregnancy to working with newborns up to adolescents. She is trained in the Webster Technique. This is a gentle procedure which allows babies in a breech position to naturally turn into the correct position for the birth process. Misalignments of the spine and/or cranium may occur in utero, especially if the baby is stuck in a breech position, or during the birth process itself. They may also occur from accidents or falls that occur as the child grows. Realignment allows for proper neurological development for newborns, infants, and children. Improvement can be seen in children who have chronic ear infections, torticollis, difficulties breastfeeding, consistantly hold their head in one position, reflux, colic, not meeting milestones in a timely manner, asthma, 'growing pains', hyperactivity, bedwetting, attention deficit disorder, and disorders on the autistic spectrum. Dr. Wagreich's work involves evaluation and treatment of muscle, joint, disc, and nerve injuries. For adults, treatments help to heal the cause of headaches, pain in the TMJ/facial area, back, neck, arms, legs and hips. Her treatments combine the use of massage to work out any tightness or 'knots' in your muscles, physiotherapy (when not pregnant), stretching, and strengthening exercises along with spinal manipulation. Several spinal adjusting techniques are used based upon the patient's preference from very gentle work to the more traditional techniques. One of the more gentle spinal manipulative techniques used entails using an activator device. Proper ergonomics of a person's work place and home are taught. Proper posture and body position is taught for sitting and sleeping as well as doing activities of daily living. Individual exercise programs are designed for strengthening the area of concern and preventing future problems. Dr. Wagreich's mission is to provide the finest manual therapy possible using cutting edge techniques for patients as well as educating them as to the best ways of keeping their bodies in good health. Dr. Wagreich helps patients understand that pain is not a normal state of the body (even during pregnancy or as we age!) and that by eliminating physical, chemical, and emotional stresses, the body can heal and function at its highest level. Her work focuses primarily on physical wellness and includes basic nutritional education. Referrals are provided for patients requiring emotional support as well as additional in depth nutritional counseling or medical care. Insurance / Managed Care Plans Accepted: * AETNA * Oxford * United Healthcare * GHI * Empire Plan * 1199 * Many other insurance plans

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