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Vinita S

When I was no longer capable of performing at work except if I had a couple of hits, and I had stooped so low as to borrowing money from coworkers literally days after payday, I finally determined that I should do something. Honestly, I don’t believe I went into rehab with the appropriate intentions, however I’m glad that I decided on Drug Rehab New Jersey. I couldn’t get away with anything there, and the staff and therapists pushed me until we began to uncover my actual problems. There were so on many occasions that I wanted to ditch and leave, however I’m glad that I stuck to it. Even when they were pushing and prodding me in group, I still felt secure so I could open up. The people at Drug Rehab New Jersey were very understanding, even though they were strict. They would never brush me off, and even when I only needed to talk, people like Vicki would be there for me. I sincerely believe that going to rehab pushed me in the right direction for sobriety, and that I’m saved thanks to them.