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Description: Evilazio Feitoza - A Man Win They say that the higher the match, the greater the reward. Who else could say that with such property of a person who fights very early.Who talks to Evilazio Feitoza not imagine that one of the largest national Muay Thai references has so much social conscience and political practice, through long years in office to fight for real change of life. The hexa Brazilian champion MMA 1983-1987 was born in Sobral Interior and raised in Sierra Cearense Tiangu√°. His family led an ordinary life and without many pretensions, but the fighter boy learns early on that when life does not give you many opportunities, man has to fight for them to win! So, then, down the mountain, encouraged by family, and started training Karate Shotokan after the Kung-up, followed by Vale-all (now MMA) and start your career around the world. More than a married decade with Geisa Netherlands, businesswoman brand Carmina Flower , father of 2 children, the seemingly "lone ranger of the ring," just to live surrounded movement, adrenaline, demands attention and energy, has as a hobby " stay quiet "at home, enjoy Fortaleza hosting and he admires and hopes that will become even stronger or go on short trips, religiously accompanied by his wife and friends of the utmost quality and importance. The boy Evilazio goes down the mountain in search of victories in Fortaleza, realizes a large untapped potential in young people and in the ring in the state and truly becomes a man wins for himself and many of his students. His love of the sport led him curious student, student to instructor, instructor academy manager, manager to owner, owner of the discoverer and promoter of talent and thus becomes the Master who leads a team of athletes also winners and notoriety, in and out of your Fighter Sport Academy, the most structured gym for fights and fitness for men, women and children - technically and physically. - in the North and Northeast of Brazil Intensely focused and dedicated to his passion for martial arts , Evilazio is considered by some of his pupils as a true father. Felipe Minitouro made ??it clear in an interview last BKF - Brazilian King Fighter - a competition of MMA after winning a fight. Friend of all, it is not unusual surprise you teaching your athletes and more than scams and techniques: teach them to seek strength in God, in your loved ones, and to also strengthen with their defeats saying: "Take part learning of life. When you are winning, you do not think much. It is only when you lose that changes tactics and strength to adapt. " With a simple philosophy of life that has been running ever since - respect life, people and be recognized for a job well done - it health ooze, is the envy of many people and still says he will live up to 111 years, which is in her family. And acknowledges "God is very generous with me." Evilazio is not just muscles and strokes. Today besides entrepreneur, has been requested as a consultant, speaker, trainer and promoter of martial arts in Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Heading the Presidency Cearense Federation Pugilismo is extremante respected in the art of its efforts and continue to discover and train high performance athletes, form a more present and participatory public in the championships, encourage profitable partnerships for athletes, entrepreneurs, public and curious and - especially - to bring closer to the young liberator world, empowering and transforming the sport. His reward: keeping young people away from the opposite direction, change habits, provide means to learn a trade and have more possibilities of social mobility, learn more about life and people, and a lot of sweat, medals and friendships - for themselves and for the surround.. Business Hour-Closed for 3, 1-4
Services: Self Defense Classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts
Payment Types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American
Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-9:00PM Saturday: 10:00AM-1:00AM Sunday: Closed


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