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Brandie Rose DeVore
"Fighting For Our Rights" The LGBTQ Community@lgbtqrightsfighter
Created on February 19, 2015
Human Rights Activist Fighting For Our Rights
February 2015 - Present (2 years) Des Moines, Iowa Area
I'm a freelance LGBTQ and Human Rights Activist, I believe in equality rights for everyone.
I also am a researcher in LGBTQ rights, and its Laws. I've been independently studying LGBTQ law for seven years I have a very good knowledge of procedures.
I also do Pro Bono research and support for those that need it at their request.
Established in 2015.
I started Fighting For Our Rights in 2013, and by 2015 I had a nonprofit campaign page for LGBTQ Rights and for political strategy.
I started out with my own transgender journey that changed my life in every way.
I am also a member of the Iowa Bar Association, as a legal aid and Consultant in discrimination complaints to the Civil Rights Commission and the EEOC.
Fighting For Our Rights is a strategic campaign designed to help the needs of the LGBTQ Community and its homeless population.
By means of legal assistance/ research and consultation free of charge.
Brandie R. DeVore
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LGBTQ Law Legal assistant
3800 Martin Luther King Jr Parkway # 37
Des Moines Iowa 50310-5872 United States
515 3057660 (Phone)
515 3930688 (Fax)
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