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FolioAvenue Publishing Service Is an independent publishing and marketing firm that was built to help authors in hitting the right target market and maximize the books exposure. We are composed of highly trained marketing consultants with more than 10 years of experience in the book industry. We also have contacts in the world of publishing, movie and media industry that could greatly maximize your book’s potential. Here at FolioAvenue, we believe in 3 basic and simple concepts for marketing your book.

First, is being in the right venue. Second, is the presentation that is right for the material and third are we talking to the right people. In line with these beliefs, we will never give you false hopes or empty promises. What we can assure you is that we will provide you with the best route to take for your book. It is going to be a reality-based assessment that will be provided by our senior marketing consultants. A well-grounded assessment that will enable us to come up with the best marketing approach that will make you hit your target market.


Clark W

It was a great service we had experience in the area, we love the quality of their printing. These guys will take care of all your needs in the printing process. Surely you won’t regret dealing with them. we highly recommend Folio Avenue Publishing Services.

Sean B

I had a great experience with Folio Avenue. I got my booklets printed here and they did a great job. The staff here made the process simple and easy. The service was fast, I was able to pick up it within 2 days-time and the outcome was great. Highly recommended.

Rina S

Having Folio Avenue Publishing Services to help you with publishing with advertisement included in the package was such a great help for us especially that we were still a newbie in this field of bookselling. Their help with the advertisement area makes our books to be known to people who don’t yet know about our books. Thank you so much Folio Avenue Publishing Services.

Jason A

Nice and wonderful publishing company. Staffs were great and they really make sure that your book launch will be successful and they do a very nice and strategic marketing for your books to be sold to the people who would like to read. It was such a great privilege to be part of this company, highly recommended.

Levie L

It was a pleasure that my writings had been published by Folio Avenue. They gave me a very reasonable price and also an additional marketing of my books. It was a really a great service I had with them. Thank you so much Folio Avenue Publishing Services.

Hector C

I would heartily recommend this company. They did a job well done on my book. The time that the initial copy of my book has arrived I was taken aback how the book looked astoundingly beautiful. I'm very thrilled how my book presented. I must say every component of its publication is right. The font size, art cover, the text of the story, the blurb on the back cover it's exactly I've ever envisioned. The quality of everything was excellent. Thank you for the designing team for creating a beautiful outcome of my book and also especially to the publishing and marketing team for publicizing my book successfully. Thank you for everything!

Roy P

I just want to thank all the team of Folio Avenue for shedding their time on developing my book. The cover design is excellent and the finished product very professionally presented. Since publication, I've received great support from them. I'll be finished my second story next year and will probably ask them to critique it and then publish it. The publishing of my book is doing well and It's on-demand. Very happy to know it.