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you’re trying to win the Social Security disability benefits you
deserve, every day can feel like a hundred years. That’s why
finding a great Social Security disability attorney is paramount, and
why not giving up on Social Security appeals is crucial. That’s
where Frank A. Ury, Attorney at Law
can help. The
Social Security Administration is supposed to pay citizens benefits if their physical or mental condition prevents them from working. But
laws aren’t always as cut and dry as they should be. Deserving
claimants are often denied, and application and appeals processes can
be endlessly complicated. However,
a knowledgeable and skilled attorney can almost always turn those
circumstances around, and, as a respected force among disability
lawyers, Frank A. Ury’s firm is at the very top of their game. Their
team has helped countless fellow Hawaiians negotiate the system and
come out as winners. It’s
important to note that the appeals process is a time-sensitive one:
“reconsiderations” on existing claims must be filed quickly. And
in some cases, it’s better to just formulate a new claim, outright.
A savvy attorney can help you decide which option is best for you,
and consolidate all your information so that you have an airtight
case that’s ready to be presented—and accepted! Don’t try to negotiate the system alone; when you let an
experienced attorney take the reins, your chances of success increase
drastically. And, the sooner you get a persuasive claim submitted, the
sooner you can start moving on with your life, with all your
benefits intact. To
find out more, contact Frank
A. Ury, Attorney at Law,
at (808)
Case evaluations are always free, so you have nothing to lose—and,
perhaps, everything to gain—by calling today.


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