Green Mount Lakes


1232 Greenfield Pl, O'fallon, Illinois, 62269-8902

Phone number

(618) 632-4693


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Kim N

Green Mount Lakes in O'fallon is horrible!!!! I moved in 15 Sept 2011, on 1 Oct 2011 I started notifying my apartment complex of the noise above me. It shakes my walls, light fixtures, appliances on top of my counters. I have had 3 pictures fall off the wall and shatter, in which I have a 15 month old who was near. I have notified them several times, approx 10. I have had to leave my apartment 7 times now, as I have to leave again tonight. I have 7 witnesses who have been here to see the damage, and hear the noise. It happens anywhere from 0500-2300 (7 am - 11 PM). The reponse I get has ranged from- we will send him a notice, an email, give him a call, and then it turned into my neighbor stating he wrestled with his children, to refusing to move, to he has decided to find a house to buy. In the meantime, I am on active duty, I am a Registered Nurse, and because I have had to pack up my things and leave with my child in the middle of the night because of the noise, and return in the morning, I have been pulled off o f cases because I am not getting the required sleep to administer sedation medication to patients. It has affected my belongings, my sons safety, our comfort, my job. I have had to leave, yet still required to pay rent. I was never offered to move, but was stated was, if I were to offer to move you, who would move your stuff? But no offer was made. Also, in one discussion, it was said that my neighbor may be doing this out of spite now, and another conversation she didn't want to make him mad. I do not want any more dealings with them. My rights are being abused. When I leave 30 Dec, I should be reimbursed for te loss of my items and not being able to LIVE in my apartment. In section 19 of their lease, it states that all residents are allowed a quiet environment (not in those words) and they are not handling this situation. I have notified the police 2 times, and once when they knocked on the door, the noise stopped and started again in 15 minutes so I had to leave. There was a one week period where my son had pneumonia and a 105 fever for 7 days, we had to leave 2 of those because he was unable to sleep, and I had to take him to the doctor twice, who noted that because my son was not getting the needed rest, his body was not getting better. So now, this has affected my sons health. I have a sitter three times a week, during the week, who comes to the house to watch him. She, herself, not counting when I have had to leave, has had to leave with him 4 times