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parent p

We had our child at the growing place for 12 days in the Teddy’s class. The Growing Place suggested that he be evaluated by the district. We did what we were told and after the first evaluation, they kicked him out. The director and the teacher of the Teddy’s stated they “can’t accommodate him”. The case manager from the district observed our child at the growing place and no unusual behaviors were noted. Ironically, next day our child was expelled. When teachers were asked about behavior issues, they stated that our child “had an unusually good day”. Our child was left with no school to go in the middle of the year. The final evaluation found that our child does not qualify for special services; the scores were from average to superior. Our experience with this place was horrible. I do not recommend this place, it is not worth trying. These are many other places in town that are managed properly.

Judy J

The management talked about richly creative environment, but the teachers didn't put forth the effort to deal with a child who din't fit the norm. Management and teachers state they have Master degrees, but when time comes they are unable to apply the knowledge- useless. Very disappointing.
This is not the choice for your preschooler.

Demet B

I just wanted to say that I really love working for the Growing Place Nursery School. I actually get up every day and look forward to going to work. The children are great, the parents are wonderful,my teaching team is very professional. I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to work in such a great place.