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3700 O'Donnell St., Suite 10, Baltimore, Maryland, 21224

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(443) 799-2504


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Using the wide range of materials, techniques, and inspiration available to us we design spaces. We also fabricate the furniture, fixtures, and architectural elements that complement those spaces through thoughtful, forward-thinking processes and craftsmanship. When possible, the items we make are added to our growing collection of products offered for sale at some brick and mortar retailers as well as on this site. Often our efforts are strengthened by collaboration with other local makers, designers, and craftspeople but the common goal is unaltered - The stewardship of memories, emotions, and the sense of comfort and well being for a space's inhabitants and it's visitors. To that goal, our products are all conceived and created under one roof with emphasis on creating a version or vision that is novel within the boundaries of the project brief. Be it a restaurant space, an Ottoman, or a candle holder, each is original. Each is one of a kind. Focusing on the knowledge that the spaces we choose to inhabit are as much us as are the clothes we wear, the words we choose and the reactions we envoke, it is our hope to instill that subtle sense of personal culture in our client's lives that elevates their joy of living.


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