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jessica h

This company cares more about their employees than their customers. Our company was audited for Worker's Comp and the audit was way over priced. We found out that exemptions were not filed with the state. Our agent Pete Condon at GCU had not informed us that we needed to file any paperwork. He denied any wrongdoing so we asked to speak with his boss Scott. Scott defended his employee and said that he worked with Pete for 20 years and that he never makes mistakes. Seriously? Scott was informed that he was on speaker and that others were listening to the conversation. He got angry, defensive, and even cussed at us. He was asked one last question, his last name. He told us to look it up and hung up on us. Scott's last name is Mcewan and he is the owner at GCU. I strongly reccommend you take you insurance business elsewhere. We are very disapointed with the way we were treated.