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Women have a special fascination for jewellery, and when it comes to multi coloured beads, every women loves it. One big reason for the love of coloured designer bead bracelet is that, the colours of the beads can be made to go with any dress, and accordingly bracelets can be bought. If you are a colour lover, and frequently love to match accessories of same or contrasting colour with your clothes, then designer women bead bracelets are for you.

How to match a bead bracelet with your dress

If you are wearing a red dress, then you will get red based lots of bracelets in red, in both solid colours and shades. They may have a matte and gloss finish, and will be available in both small beaded multi lined bracelets, and large beaded single line bracelets. You may also try contrasts in the form of white and red pairing, or simply white colour or black and red. If you have shades on your dress, you may try the multi coloured bracelets containing all those shaded beads. This tells you quite well that multiple possibilities come your way with beaded bracelets, and you may get any colour and any style in big to small and opaque to translucent beads for pairing or matching with your outfit.

Combining shining beads with solid colour beads

One great variation can be brought to bracelet designs through the use of both metal and glass beads. Alternating coloured beads with clear glass beads creates an awesome effect. Similarly alternating solid coloured beads with shining metal coloured beads can also bring on lovely contrast and shimmer effect. That is why the use of metal and glass both of which reflects light are great in designer bead bracelet, and they shine or get noticed more when they are paired with solid colours.



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