Happy Day Laundry and Cleaners Inc


114 Harbor Town Sq, Memphis, Tennessee, 38103-8862

Phone number

(901) 529-0444


Mud Island


Personal Services & Care > Dry Cleaners


Megan W

I used to have a high opinion of Happy Day. Nice front-desk workers, decent prices, quick turn-around- it was great. Unfortunately, our friendship had to come to an abrupt halt due to poor business practices and consumer abuse. Long story short, they burned a hole into the shoulder of a beautiful new jacket, refused to pay reparations OR even give me an apology. They kept the jacket for two months and it took over 15 phone calls and 7 weekly visits to finally get it back. Mistakes happen, jackets get ruined- that's life. However, the inability of the owner (Bobby) to muster any human decency is unforgivable and, quite frankly, unctuous business practice.

It's upsetting that a company that I held in such high regard would have such little care for their clientele- While I would have highly recommended Happy Day prior to this incident, I now have no choice but to explain its abuse to anybody and everybody with any interest in their services. Please be warned before bringing your beloved belongings to them. The owner, Bobby Plyler, is a slimy business owner with zero regard for his clientele.

Nick V

Happy Day Laundry And Cleaners Inc in Mud Island, Memphis is a bunch of thieves. They stole one of my shirts, or damaged it. Then despite me having counted them out that morning, they lied straight to my face and said that I was one shirt off. Further examination showed they had lost/damaged/stolen a 100 dollar dress shirt. Do not go there. Do not give them your clothes, your money or your time. They are DISHONEST