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Mr. Matthew B. Herdzik, Jr. Esq. Ripped off his client maliciously, with total damages of almost $100,000

My brother sold a property in August 2005 for $25,000, his buyer was excited and wanted to close immediately, they signed a handwritten sale agreement, and my brother drove the buyers to his attorney Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. after calling him ahead of time, in his office the buyer paid $25,000 by check and Mr. Matthew B. Herdzik, Jr. Esq. deposited the check into his escrow account until closing,

My brother was anxious to close, and after 2 weeks of no progress he called his attorney Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. to follow up, his attorney Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. became upset and yelled I told you do not call me, I’ll call you, and hang up on him, following that phone call Mr. Matthew B. Herdzik, Jr. Esq. sent my brother a letter that because my brother called to follow up, he is sending the money back to the buyer, my brother appealed to Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. not to sabotage the deal but Matthew B. Herdzik, Jr. Esq. dismissed him.

My brother tried desperately to save the deal by taking another attorney Mr. David Bayer Esq. but Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. refused to talk to my brother, so my brother put his buyer on the phone through 3 way call to tell Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. that my brother wants the money transferred to a different attorney so they can close, Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. ignored these wishes, and eventually gave away the money to the buyer, and consequently my brother lost the deal.

It was a painful lose, but my brother tried to concentrate on reselling the property again, he was un successful for additional 12 month, during which he lost additional tens of thousand of dollars in renovations, maintenance, taxes, advertisement, it was a terrible loss of time, labor, and money,

12 months later someone broke into the property and put it on fire, my brother had to clean up the mess, board up the windows, install a new fence all around the property, and 3 months later he sold it to contractor for one dollar.

At that time my brother contacted numerous attorneys to sue Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. for the damages he inflicted, but most attorneys did not want to sue another attorney, because of conflict of interest, or they thought it would be extra work to sue attorney, or the amount involved was too small for them, and one attorney who was willing to review the case, he asked a fee of $10,000 upfront which my brother could not afford.

The Attorney Grievance Committee and the Bar Association acknowledged Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq.’s wrong doing, and issued him a warning, but that punishment did not match the crime committed by Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq.

Mr. Matthew B Herdzik Jr. Esq. in his actions undermined the idea of what a lawyer is for and instead of protecting his client’s interest; he sabotaged it maliciously, and act criminally by giving his client’s money away, despite telling him no to do that.

If you have any idea how to help my brother recovers his loss, and brings Mr. Herdzik to justice, please let us know, you can Email us at: Bring_Herdzik_To_Justice@yahoo.com