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505 10th St #31, Sacramento, California, 95814

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(916) 221-5756


Alkali Flat


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Matt R

H&R Affordable Towing has been wonderful to work with. They have came through and helped us in every way. They always confirm our information so that they can help us really fast. In a time of need, it is really awesome how nice and polite they are. Thank you!

Bobby J

I don`t know if I could find another towing service that could do so much for me. It seemed that it all happens at once to me. I was driving my Saab on the expressway when one of my tires blow out, after I just got it filled up, but the towing expert told me it was because I filled it too much. Anyway, I filled that tire up too high but I didn`t fill my gas tank enough because that went on empty. These professionals came rushing to my side. They replaced that busted tire. They put fuel in my tank. And they did it all in a flash. Lord, I don`t know where I`d be without them.