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2230 N. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89108

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(702) 636-1445


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angie a

I Love Kickboxing - Northwest Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Las Vegas is a great place to workout, the instructors are fun, friendly and genuinely care for all of the members.

Jessica S

I Love Kickboxing - Northwest Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Las Vegas is one of the best gyms I've ever been a member of in the nation (and I've moved around a lot!). The instructors are supportive, enthusiastic, and always willing to help you with whatever and whenever you need it. They are also wonderful about giving you space as they don't hover or preach like some gym instructors do. It's always a jam packed, fun-filled, challenge where you feel like you not only got your money's worth but you look forward to the next time you come to get your butt kicked. I never get bored and I'm finding that I'm definitely in better shape than when I started. Definitely check it out! Lindsey, Candace, Ulysses, and the whole gang are awesome!

Colleen S

I have been doing this for only 5 months and find it to be the most exhilarating and gratifying workout ever. The instructors are there for you. They keep you focused, motivated and fun. I enjoy working with all of them. In fact, it is because of I LOVE KICKBOXING, I am motivated to attempt Tough Mudder Las Vegas in April, 2014.



Ashley A

Awesome! My mom did an escrow for one of the instructors for I lovekickboxing. She wanted my mom to try it out and needless to say my mom drug me along. I walked in nervous and skeptical. Yes the first class wasn't easy but what is at first? After 2 classes it got easier and easier. Now I try to go 2-3 days a week. Such a great full body work out. I love how they inspire you to be better, work harder and get to your goal. I couldn't be happier. Absolutely love this place and finally feel like I belong.

Diane R

I tried this class with my friend on a fluke. I am hooked!!! The trainers are personable and encouraging without being intimidating. It's got this 50+ woman doing things she never thought she could do

Olivia A

I purchased the Groupon for a 10 class pass and then left the class purchasing even more classes. This kickboxing gym is a lot of fun and has great, high energy. The staff is very personable and remembers everyone by name.
What's great about this gym is that it really works for all levels of fitness. You can push yourself as hard as you'd like to get the workout that you need.
I recommend joining! It's a fun way to diversify your regular workout schedule!

brianne h

I have been going to IloveKickboxing for about a month now. I love all the trainers they each put their own touch on the workouts and they are all very supportive. It's a great stress reliever and it makes working out fun

Lindsay A

I've been going to Ilovekickboxing for about two years, and I still have a great workout every class. I have never gotten bored, or not wanted to go because they do the same thing over and over again. Ever class different, every instructor has their own way to work you, and you feel so amazing after class! I have found not just a place to work out, but a second home here. Everyone makes you feel like family, and it's such a fun place to go. Thanks Ilovekickboxing for changing my life!

Lisa D

Purchased a Groupon to try it out, and I was hooked! Each instructor - Lindsey, Katrina, Candace and Ulises give you their personal kick-your-*s* touch each class, always encouraging with every warm-up, punch and kicks. Ilovekickboxing is your one-stop-shop for cardio, toning and every muscle in your body workout. Come in, put your gloves on and get ready to be drenched with sweat after each class

candace m

Best place ever!! I was never able to work out by myself. I always needed a friend to go with me to the gym and if they cancelled I cancelled. One of my good friends dragged me in here to try it and I've been hooked since. 2 years and counting, Everyone is so friendly, the instructors motivate you in ways never thought of. I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Definitely will make you tone and lose weight much faster than trying to do it by your self. Results are amazing, my arms look great and lost all the baby weight!! THANK YOU I Love Kickboxing and all your wonderful staff!! Ive gained a healthier lifestyle and some awesome new friends.