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j m

I Went there for the second time on a Sat. night and there was about a little more then 100 people there. You would think most people are at the mall shopping, but the true is this place is a rip off.

I only went back because for the 3rd time they re-adjusted there prices. With a family of 5 I went through $300 in just under 2 hours. And guess what we did not even do lazar tag rode on the go-karts once.

Even the employees laugh when we asked them is this place like this all the time. Even the employees know this place is doing very bad.

We just about bumped into the ower a few times. He was around talking to his numerous security guards. My god this is freehold nj. Even Fun Plex that is in a bad area and has alot more shady people only has one armed security guard. Mr. Owner do you think Freehold NJ is the South Bronx.

Anyway the owner who we know what he looks like from opening day and all his youtube video's is not the slightest bid friendly.

A few times a passed by him and you would think he would greet his guests, talk to them and try to get somefeedback.

He opened this place from real esatate developing because of a bad economy. Well pass the love to the people. We are liveing in a bad econemy to and practice what you preach.

On opening day I even passed a few times by the owner of this place and like I said he is far from friendly.

Anyway, by next Christmas this place will be closed. Mark my words. Wish I could place a bet on this because it will sure happen..

The 4d movie a joke. Stupid snow ball. Always the same.. All the other ones they can't play because of legal problems.

The bowling alley is a big skiball game. It is not real bowling. Not at all. Balls are a little bigger then ski balls and with no holes.

My suggestion to the owner is to drop all your prices to match Fun Plex in Mount Laural and get rid of your 1000 security guards and just keep the free NJ Freehold Cop they gave you.