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1408 Atwood Ave, Johnston, Rhode Island, 02919

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Victor K

Definitely a challenging workout but well worth it! It's not just punching and kicking but an almost full out boot camp workout with some motivating instructors. The great music to keep the heart pounding is a big plus to keep the fun going and before you know it an hour is gone and you're covered in liquid awesome! I took advantage of the 3 class with free glove special and I left signed up for a package of classes that can be used anytime. Pretty good which allows me to continue my usual workout routines but then throw in this butt kicking to change it up!

Jenniffer M

I have found the ILKB family to be the most dedicated staff in helping their kickboxers achieve their fitness AND nutrition goals. The classes are extremely fun and there are always new exercises. If you need to relieve some stress, the best part is punching and kicking that heavy bag! You will watch the pounds melt off you. It is the most fun, intense workout I've ever done and I plan to keep this as a part of my lifestyle for good! Even just to try it, they are always running specials but for $20, you can try 3 classes and that includes the gloves and hand wraps. You will not regret it!!!

laura h

Absolutely love it! You never repeat the same work out and its always up beat!

Danielle F

The best workout I have ever had. The trainers are amazing, they keep you moving and are so nice.

brooke v

Ilovekickboxing in Johnston is just a fabulous place to always get a a satisfying workout. As a health fanatic and a spin instructor myself, I was always looking for a new place to challenge myself and a couple years ago, I found this place. Every class is guaranteed a great workout!!! I know that any class I go to, I will be motivated to do my best and work hard. Not only do I see awesome results in my body, but learning self-defense and seeing results is a great feeling! I highly recommend ilovekickboxing to anyone of any fitness level!!!!!!

heidi w - Johnston in Johnston isI started kick boxing at ILOVEKICKBOXING Johnston RI about a year ago. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I have become more confident and stronger. I have lost weight and I have become much leaner. I always had a horrible self image, that is no longer an issue. I just recently became an instructor and I love every minute of what I do. I recommend ILOVEKICKBOXING to everyone.

Thomas R - Johnston in Johnston is insane. I can’t say enough about this place. I have been through so many fitness “fads” in my life such as group classes, personal trainers, weight watchers, gyms, workout DVD’s, etc. and was the only thing I stuck with. About a year and a half ago I was over 280 lbs. Not only was I able to shred weight (Haven’t been over 200 lbs. since) it was the only thing I stuck with as a hobby and not just as a fitness routine. I literally love class. The instructors are inspiring and motivational (they never give up on you even when you want to give up on yourself). Nobody judges you there. I say this because that was my number one fear prior to beginning. I didn’t want to look like the only “fat” person and I was afraid that others would be so much more advanced than me…well thanks to that has been a thought of the past and I have never looked back!!!! It has changed my life!!!!!

Carissa H - Johnston in Johnston is AMAZING workouts & Phenomenal Results!! Don't think twice about trying it... Just do it because you will NOT regret it! They are true to their word on helping you achieve your goals!! They helped me lose 4 pant sizes for my wedding... Without them I would've never felt as great as I did on that important day!! I'm still attending classes 3x a week!! Addicting, amazing, & also a great stress relief!! Staff is so unbelievably helpful and motivating in every way!!

Alicia G

Ilovekickboxing johnston is so awesome ! I started working out here a few months ago and it has been one of the best decisions that I've ever made. I signed up for the web special just wanting to try it out and uncertain if I would like it or not but as soon as I took my first class I loved it! Everyone there is so welcoming and make you feel so comfortable not to mention how great the work outs are! I've worked out in the past but it does not compare to the work out that I get here. It's so intense but so much fun at the same time! I also love that it is self paced so i can take a few seconds break if I want to. I love it so much that I am starting to be trained to eventually become an instructor! I have also referred my friends and family and already 4 of them have signed up for it! Ever since I started kickboxing I have also been eating so much healthier so that I get the best out of my work out. Kickboxing has made so many positive changes in my life and I am so excited that it will be part of my life for as long as it can be !

L G - Johnston Killer workouts! Staff who help you reach your fitness goals. You will walk out dripping with sweat and feeling accomplished. Four years...and still going strong! Only program I have ever committed to! The results will speak for themselves! Love it here!