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We are the only clinic in Dade County that has a father and son team, consisting of a medical physician and chiropractic physician. Dr. Jeffrey Draesel, MD and Dr. Jeffrey Draesel, Jr. DC will treat your injuries together to obtain the most effective results possible. With the use of state of the art equipment we are able to provide one of a kind medical treatment including but not limited to:

Medical care
Neurological consultations
Chiropractic manipulations
Trigger point injections
Laser therapy
Non-surgical spinal decompression
Physical therapy

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving 2-3 minutes of exposure of the whole body to subzero temperatures ranging from -200°F to -300°F. This is not a medical procedure, but a surprisingly comfortable, non-invasive option for people seeking exceptional results. At this extreme temperature, the body activates several mechanisms that have significant long-term benefits.

Whole Body cryotherapy was developed in 1978 in Japan. It progressed in Europe; through research and testing. Recently it has been introduced in the United States; due to its many benefits it has gained immediate popularity.

The Innovative machine utilizes liquid nitrogen and converts it to a gas vapor that surrounds the body, exposing it to extreme cold for a very short period. There are varies benefits to the exposure of extreme cold!


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