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International Society for Analytical & Molecular Morphology

We deal directly with the latest advancements and research findings for analytical morphology and molecular morphology under the umbrella of biological and cellular morphology. Our purpose is to bring together and create a network for scientists, scholars and policymakers who deal with morphology in many different strands.

Molecular faces - gwendal uguenWe also work to proffer events and resource information for any type of morphology scientific endeavor. We try to link scientists with grant programs, funding, and other advocates for whichever type of morphology research is being done.

We also offer sub-support for organizations that fight cancer and raise awareness for cancer cure as morphology often deals largely with the cellular level of cancer and its formation.

Ultimately the International Society for Analytical & Molecular Morphology aims to better support those who have endeavored to understand the world at the molecular, the atomic, level and to make a difference at that level to better our world and our understanding of it.

If your career or life has you involved with morphology on the analytical or molecular level, you will very likely find interest in our blog reel and should also visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our representatives.


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