Jeffrey S. Epstein, M.D., FACS


6280 Sunset Dr #504, Suite 504, Miami, Florida, 33143

Phone number

(305) 666-1774


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Kelley S

My mom researched doctors and everybody said that Dr. Epstein was the best. He is really easy to talk to. He’s down to earth and everything he did was easy to understand. He fixed my nose a little bit and also changed the way it looked. I can definitely see huge changes; my nose is a lot better now and I can breathe better. It went so smooth. I barely have any pain. It was easy to get a hold of someone at his office if I needed.

Trevor C

I work for an airline and Dr. Epstein is in the magazine that’s on the aircraft, and I actually pick it out and show it to people. I know a lot of men who do not want to talk about having a transplant procedure because they are embarrassed by it. But I think it’s given me more confidence with my look and myself. I am excited to say- Yes, Dr. Epstein did it. Everyone in the office is considerate of your feelings and they know that this is a touchy situation for most men. I could not have had a better procedure or a situation with his staff; they were wonderful.