16550 Highway 75 S, Laplatte I, Nebraska, 68123-4102

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(402) 292-2275


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There's a tiny little SHELL station in LaPlatte, NE that REFUSES TO HAVE THEIR PUMPS FIXED! I traded at hundreds of gas stations, but tonight, in 5 degree weather, I experienced something I had NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE! I set my pump on the 2nd gauge (automatic) and sat in my car to avoid getting frostbite. The next thing I know, THE GAS IS POURING OUT OF MY CAR AND ONTO THE GROUND!! Before I could get myself out of the car and pull it out, I had wasted about $2 worth.

This is the best part!! When I called JRC'S CONVENIENCE STORE (where this gas station is located) to inform them that their pump didn't automatically shut off, I was told that's why we put signs out there telling you to watch the gas. REALLY??? I guess this is ONE MORE REASON WHY I NEED TO TRADE AT QT because they take care of their equipment and they CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!