Ladybug Preschool Learning Center


859 Vista Blvd, Waconia, Minnesota, 55387-4564

Phone number

(952) 442-5057


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Jenny S

Ladybug Child Care Center Inc in Waconia is the worst center in town! Management mistreats their employees - verbally abuses them, creates a hostile work environment, and don't try to be friends with each other, because then your accused of gossiping. The teachers only stay because they love the children - ironically it's the centers motto, but management doesn't follow it! HIGH turn over in staff, and because of that your child gets shuffled from one room to the next to try to keep the rooms in ratio. Even if it means your 2yr old sits in the infant room all day - with no other toddlers or toddler toys! Or your 2yr old moves to Proddler room with 3yr olds. Inconsistancies with following policies! Never post curiculms for the parents! They do have a big beautiful center, but don't be fooled. They like parents that drop their kids off, and pay their tuition. They want no interaction with families and discourage their emiployees to become friendly with the families. If this is your lifestyle, this is the place for you. If your like me, and love your child and want to know how your child is doing and WHAT they're doing, look elsewhere! Director believes in what she calls natural consequences. I've seen 1st hand kids outside in the winter time getting coats put on them - because they didn't cooperate inside and were holding up the class to go out. So it's natural to get cold and thus become cooperative! If your child doesn't lay down at nap time, they restrain your child by laying their arm over their back and applying to pressure to keep them down - yet their not 'allowed' to rub your childs back to console them to sleep! Again - their motto for the love of children - is that love? Don't be fooled like me. I loved their LARGE center and individual play grounds, but my children suffered the price of their poor standards and their failure to follow licensing procedures. An employees own infant missed a feeding under their care - and no one did anything about it! Another employees infant recieved another childs breastmilk. This center is run poorly and if employees (and families alike) get too involved, they get let go. 10 Families to date have been let go by this center for caring about their children and talking to teachers about the issues and concerns they have. Apparently if you have a concern or an issue, your not welcome anymore. BEWARE! There are better centers - might not be as fancy, but money NEVER did by you happiness now did it? Think of your children and how they will be treated here before you enroll.