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To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing this letter to support for Barton Levine. I was fortunate to obtain him as legal counsel. From the moment I entered his office, I felt sense of comfort. He is professional, courteous and very knowledgeable in his practice. Mr. Levine asked the proper questions as far as, why I needed his assistance as counsel. He was very insightful and informative. Mr. Levine explains how he felt based on my circumstances, he would help assist me by representing me as counsel. Mr. Levine is precised and explained what the procedure would be in the courtroom. Mr. Levine is informative and thorough on what he needs from the client to best execute the proper representation in court proceedings. I can say, Mr. Levine puts great work and concern for his client. Mr. Levine is attentive and will explained things thoroughly. He makes sure that the client is aware of what the court process actually will entail. This indeed makes the client feel comfortable and knowledgeable and in essence more at ease. The transition from his office to the courtroom is one of knowledge and precise in detail. Mr. Levine will make sure you are properly represented. Mr. Levine is professional, dedicated and excellent in his profession. I would highly recommend anyone to seek Mr. Levine as counsel. Mr. Levine will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable, knowledgeable and very well represented. It was a pleasure to have him as my legal counsel and I am grateful for his services. Respectfully, CV.

Marissa S

Topnotch Attorney

I would highly recommend Bart Levine if you are in need of a top notch attorney. Bart is extremely honest and handles all matters professionally and with the utmost integrity. My clients have used his services and are always impressed with how he keeps all parties informed throughout the transaction. I also find him to be responsive to his clients which demonstrates his personal commitment to a successful deal. Bart will ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible. Bart Levine is my top attorney referral to all my real estate clients.


Law Office Of Barton P. Levine in Midtown South Central, Manhattan is The Best Lawyer in New York City

I am a retired executive with a major, global financial service company. I dealt with many lawyers in different fields and capacities.

We hired Mr. Levine through a recommendation by our friend to handle the estate matters of my father-in-law in 2010.

Mr. Levine and his staff provided us with most efficient and effective services. He was very professional, knowledgeable in all aspects of the estate matters. He kept us informed of the status of the matters. And most important of all, he communicated to us with common understandable languages. He was patient, detail oriented and always punctual.

With his diligence, all our estate matters were resulted in effective conclusions. I will highly recommend him to anyone who needs the best legal services in New York City.

Aida S

A satisfied client from Florida

I was referred to Mr. Barton Levine by my attorney in Miami, Florida, in 2007. I needed to obtain guardianship for my mother, who was a resident of N.Y.C. and who was suffering from dementia. I was very pleased with Mr. Levine’s experienced handling of this long and complicated process.
I recently required Mr. Levine’s services in N.Y.C. and again, was very qualified at his skillful performance.